Seminars And Conferences

Seminar and Conferences

National Conference on Sindhi Minority Educational Institutions in collaboration with NCPSL

           - March 2019

National Conference on Interdisciplinarity: A Game-changer

           - October 2019

National Seminar Cum Workshop on Fundamental of Research - An FDP

           - December 2017     

›  UGC Sponsored National Conference on Beyond Bias and Barriers: Celebrating Gender Equality

          - September 2015

›  UGC Sponsored National Conference on Dignifying the Individual: Transformational Strategies

          - February 2015

›  National Conference on Enriching Education: Sculpting Humane Professionals in collaboration with St. Xavier's Institute of 


         - August 2014

›  UGC Sponsored International Conference on Redefining Education : Expanding Horizon

         - January 2013

›  NAAC Sponsored National Conference  on Raising the Bar:  Striving for Quality.

        -December 2011

›  Postal Life Insurance Sponsored Seminar on Women  Empowerment through Financial Literacy.

        -October 2011

›  UGC Sponsored National Conference  Upholding Human Dignity: Exploring New Paradigms 

        - August 2010

›  UGC Sponsored National Conference  Landscapes of Learning: A  Celebration of Diversity

         - April 2010 

›  UGC Sponsored National Conference  Environmental Ethics: Exploring Multiple Perspectives 

        -  September 2007

›  UGC Sponsored National Conference  Challenges and Choices: Education in a Globalizing World

        -   October 2006