The BTTC Week is a longstanding tradition and best practice in our college. It is the only college of education in the city which conducts such a series of intercollegiate and interschool events. The practice was initiated in an era when there was not much of networking between colleges of education and with the schools. The BTTC Week attempts to conduct competitions such as Elocution, Music, Dance, Cookery, Rangoli, Pooja Thali Decoration, Flower Arrangement and Personality contests.The college is always keen to express our gratitude to the practice teaching schools for the cooperation they extended to us throughout the academic year. Thus, one day of the BTTC week is dedicated entirely to the schools by conducting Poetry Recitation Competitions. In 2006-07, the Panel Discussion was introduced as a regular feature of the BTTC Week Celebrations. The week now starts with a Panel Discussion. A theme/topic on contemporary issues is selected and the speakers related to the field are invited for discussion.  This panel discussion is an intellectual and interactive learning experience for the students, faculty members and all the other participants. Some of the discussion themes over the years have been “Women Empowerment” “Women Leaders: Changing Equations” “Right to Information: An Aware Citizenry” & “Learning Lessons through Popular Culture”


DAY 1 - 23rd February 2016

Panel Discussion- Building and Nurturing Adolescent Resilience on the 23rd Feb, 2016

The Panelists for the discussion were:

  • Mrs. Farzana Dohadwala- Senior Academic Director,  DY Patil International School
  • Mrs. Radhika Sinha- Prinicipal, Aditya Birla world Academy
  • Mrs. Mona Seervai- Prinicipal, Bombay International School
  • Mrs. Revathi Srinivasan- Prinicipal,  Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School
  • Mrs. Merzeen Doctor- Principal,  Chatrabhuj Narsee School

DAY 2 - 24th February 2016


Poster Making and Drawing Competitions on 24th Feb, 2016

Inter School Poetry Recitation Competition

DAY 3 - 25th February 2016

Inter-collegiate Personality Contest

Inter Collegiate Hum-Tum Duet Dance Competition

Intra-class Rangoli, Cookery and Flower Decoration Competitions on 23rd to 25th Feb, 2016