Social Endeavors

"Community service is helping people, but also gaining an understanding about each other and a sense of human compassion."
In order to realize this aim the Bombay Teachers’ Training College has designed and developed a model infusing connection and relationship with the community that develops from community service adds an invaluable layer to education. We have developed the network with the reputed institutions involved in social welfare activities like Non Government Organizations.
To sensitize the trainee teachers towards difficulties faced by the underprivileged sections of our community
To develop a sense of social responsibility among trainee teachers
To create awareness of needs and challenges of community and to promote participation, involvement and leadership qualities in
carrying out community work
To develop essential qualities of responsible future teachers
Our objectives of conducting community work are
Our students carry out these programmes in collaboration with these community centers and extend their resources as helping hand to these social organizations. Every year our 100 students approach these community centers in groups and offer their services in carrying out community work. This year we have carried out the community work with more than 20 organizations. Names of some organizations are given below:
Shraddha Charitable Trust, B. Desai Raod, Mumbai- 400 026
Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped, Haji Ali, Mumbai – 400 034
Om Creations Trust, Dr. E. Moses Road, Mumbai – 400 011
Shree Rajendra Honeycomb Children Home (Bal-Ashram) Bhayendar (E) – 401 105
Cheshire Home, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East) Mumbai – 400 093
Kalyan Mahila & Balak Seva Sansatha, Khanda Colony, New Panvel (W) Navi Mumbai – 410 206